Keeping Track of Finances on the Go

Keeping Track of Finances on the Go

February 27, 2018

Most people run through a list before they leave the house. Is the stove turned off? Are the doors locked? Do I have my wallet, my keys and my cellphone? The only thing that has changed about that list recently has been the addition of that last item on the list. These tiny computers keep all of the world's information, literally at our fingertips. What do we use it for? Aside from drawing mustaches on our selfies and staying in contact with our friends on Facebook, smartphones add a ton of convenience and peace of mind to our lives through applications like mobile banking. With a couple of taps, you can access a whole suite of financial information. Let's look at four scenarios where mobile banking can save you some time ... and even some money.

1.) Say goodbye to security woes

Mobile banking is actually a fundamentally secure platform. Despite all of the data breaches that have been in the public eye over the past few years, no one has figured out how to compromise mobile devices as a platform. The first reason for this is the diversity of phone styles on the market. You and your neighbor may not be able to share cellphone chargers, much less apps. This makes it difficult for a single vulnerability to affect many users. The second reason for this is the tight control placed on mobile devices. Unlike computers, cell phones have to send regular usage information back to the mobile provider, which makes them a lot harder to modify. These reasons make mobile banking a secure method to track your finances.

2.) You can check your balance any time

Rather than waiting for your statement every month or booting up your computer just to check your account balances online, you can view transactions while waiting for an appointment or in line at a restaurant. You can stay vigilant against illegal account access any time you've got your phone and have a few seconds to spare. The convenience of mobile banking can also keep you from making costly mistakes. If you know funds may be running tight, taking a couple seconds to check your account balance before swiping your card can save you costly overdraft fees. Accidental overpayment, duplicate payments and other errors are a regrettable reality of the modern high-speed economy. By regularly checking your account history, you can catch these pesky problems before they turn into big issues.

3.) It's where you'll find the next big thing

Just as you can pay your bills from our convenient bill pay website, you can do the same with ease from our mobile banking app on your phone.* You can also get directions to our three branches, find our ATMs, contact our Member Service Representatives, and order checks – all within our mobile banking app. We are also excited to announce that mobile check depositing is coming on April 2! This capability will be handy for those times when you aren’t able to make it into a branch to make a deposit. By using the technology of your smart phone camera and our mobile banking app, you’ll be able to make a deposit from wherever you are.*

*Qualifications apply.

4.) 24-hour-a-day instant access

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you can't remember if you paid your electric bill? Are money worries preventing you from enjoying your vacation? If you have these concerns and are nowhere near your computer, you could just suffer through them. As an alternative, though, you could use our mobile banking app to check your balance and transaction history, see if your monthly bills have cleared, or make a transfer between accounts. You can do all of this any time you've got your phone, day or night.

Here at ACCU, mobile banking won't replace traditional, face-to-face interaction. But what our mobile banking app does offer is a wonderful supplement to those high-quality services. Space-age convenience, top-level security, and blissful peace of mind are all available from your pocket, anywhere in the world.

Contact one of our Member Service Representatives to get set up with mobile banking today!